ProCeas® the new generation of ambient air gas analyzers

Highly sensitive and accurate
Low maintenance and utilities costs
Short response time

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Application note Ambient air gas analyzers

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ProCeas® Formaldehyde

As per the international OH&S regulations on formaldehyde, private and public sector evaluated several technologies to implement continuous real-time monitoring of formaldehyde in ambient air in their plant facilities.

The ProCeas® has been selected as the most suitable technology according to their monitoring needs in terms of response time, accuracy and flexibility.

Customers use the ProCeas® to measure various levels of formaldehyde in the air at different locations: laboratories, offices & workshops.


OFCEAS Technology

For indoor air quality monitoring, the ProCeas® spectrometer is equipped with a laser at a single wavelength used to determine the concentration of a specific compound with an extremely low detection limit and short response time.

The OFCEAS extended optical path and continuous signal feedback provide a high- definition spectral response using a traditional absorption measurement.

The OFCEAS system uses a high-finesse optical cavity to provide path lengths of dozens of kilometers.

The OFCEAS technology can also take advantage of light sources to provide multi-component analysis, while offering improved sensitivity (ppb).

Key features

Low detection level (ppb)
Complete pre-calibrated laser infra-red spectrometer
Reduced response-time (seconds) with LPS (Low Pressure Sampling) fast loop
No Zero drift and no Span drift – No daily calibration required
No nitrogen, zero air, no purge nor other carrier gas
Suitable for a wide range of components in ambient air: NH3, CH4, HCL, N2O, HF, HCHO, (…)


Analytical specifications

Proceas® formaldehyde

is a complete pre-calibrated laser infrared spectrometer for measurement of formaldehyde in ambient air.

Gas Rangea LODb
HCHO 0-10 ppm <1ppb
Response time < 10 seconds
Zero drift none

a adjustable range on request
b limit of detection 3 sigma


  • Range : 0-10 ppm
  • LOD : < 1 ppb
  • Response time : < 10 seconds
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Application note Ambient air gas analyzers

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Nos applications