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AP2E Newsletter n°4 . January 2017

By 25 January 2017January 30th, 2017NEWSLETTER


Hobré – ProCeas® for spray drying tower

AP2E is pleased to announce its OEM cooperation with Hobré instruments. AP2E will supply Hobré with OEM ProCeas® analyzers to propose a unique solution for spray drying towers : HICOSYS. The system is dedicated to food and pharmaceutical industries using spray dryers.

HICOSYS can measure simultaneously H2O and CO directly in the drying process, with unmatched response time and accuracy. CO detection is widely used as pre-warning system to minimize the risk of fires and explosions in the drying process. The measurement of absolute humidity has always been a challenge for powder dryers up till now.

H2O measurement can be used to optimize the spray dryer. The combination of H2O and CO is unique in the market. HICOSYS is already a commercial success, with multiple installations running at factories of major dairy producers.

This allowed Hobré to place a firm market order for 2016 and 2017, with promising number of installations expected in the coming years.


ProCeas® HCl for cementeries in USA

AP2E distributor in USA, Cemtek, has been working with the cement industry in the USA to monitor HCl that is present in low levels, typically below 3 ppm. The “hot, wet” systems have issues (very sensitive to any kind of cold spot, ie, bad section of sample line, unheated fitting, lack of insulation, etc.) sampling a level this low reliably.

Gas filter correlation infrared technology is not good at this low level. Competitors are trying to use a traditional dilution, or extractive system. We have been able to utilize the ProCeas<sup>®</sup> due to its patented Low Pressure Sampling system, this system does not have the issues that the “hot/wet” sampling systems inherently do. Cemtek offers a “complete” sampling system, from the probe tip all the way to the analyzer.

Cementeries in USA are using the ProCeas<sup>®</sup> for both process control and also compliance with the new EPA regulations.


Industrial Analysis Exhibition – Paris / 15 – 16 March

After a successful exhibition in Pollutec Lyon last month, AP2E team looks forward to meeting you in Industrial Analysis Exhibition next March 15th-16th 2017 in Paris La Défense. Ask us now for a free pass to come and meet us!