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AP2E Newsletter n°7 . October 2017

By 31 October 2017November 2nd, 2017NEWSLETTER


ProCeas® tracking contaminants in ROG treatment unit

AP2E has successfully installed and commissioned a trace analyser to control contaminants (NH3) in a hydrocarbon gas stream enabling the client to recycle the refinery off-gas (ROG) into a low-cost and clean raw material to feed some close petrochemical plants.

Before working with AP2E, the client, one of the main refinery in Belgium, tried several technologies such as UV, without success, due to cross interferences, and detection limits much above the ppb range.

The client contacted AP2E to validate the capacity of the ProCeas® to track NH3 in ppb range in heavy hydrocarbons streams. Tests were conducted successfully in AP2E workshops, and a ProCeas® NH3 was installed on the process, with a pressurized ATEX wall-mounted enclosure.
Once again, the unique laser technology OFCEAS and Low Pressure Sampling (LPS) proved to be on the top of the analytical solutions to track contaminants in refinery ROG treatment units.


ProCeas® advanced solution for “Green Energies”

AP2E has supplied an analytical cabinet for one of the biggest oil&gas R&D centre in Europe. The cabinet measure several gases considered as poisons: NH3, H2S, CO.

The analyzer will help the different technical teams to optimize their processes for “green energies”.

The OFCEAS technology has been considered as one of the best analytical technologies to track impurities such as NH3, H2S, CO in process conditions. ProCeas® can track these compounds in the ppb or even ppt range.
AP2E is also involved in the development of the new green energies by participating in several projects for biogas purification in biomethane and for the development of safer installation for hydrogen and fuel cells.


SIMER – in the heart of the French petrochemical industry

AP2E exhibited at SIMER expo, in Martigues. This locality is considered as the gold triangle of the French petrochemical industry, representing 30% of the national oil refining, and 10% of the French petrochemical industry turnover.

The show was the opportunity to renew the proximity of AP2E team with his clients. Allowing us to show our innovations for the industry.